Otawog Rodent Anaesthesia Systems - A Knock Out Product!


Professional Team

The Otawog team has more than 100 years of combined expertise. Their extensive laboratory animal experience has been applied to the development of many new innovative designs which enhance and simplify rodent gas anaesthesia and surgery. The Otawog range of equipment is unique, and these very special products you cannot afford to do without...

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Great Functionality

What this surgical centre can do for you: Otawog the one-stop-surgical-shop.

A complete package of easy to use equipment designed for simple and safe operation. As induction occurs on the surgical table the animal is only handled once. Aseptic surgery is promoted by the instrument trays, surgical drapes and disinfectant solution on hand. Surgery is simplified by two surgical lights and a customised wound retractor. The patient’s position can be changed during surgery by turning the table. Survival is promoted by the clear plastic drape which allows full patient view and traps heat to assist maintain body temperature by the heated table. After surgery the drape functions as an oxygen tent during the immediate post-operative period preventing the recovering animal from falling to the floor. When surgery is finished, the instruments, drugs and miscellaneous equipment can be neatly stored away in three drawers, while the table and lights fold inside and two key locks provide secure theft-proof storage. With wheels and a carry handle, the mobile surgical shop can be moved and/or placed under the lab bench.

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Easy To Use

Surgery in a Suitcase:

Seldom do you find an entirely new product line in the market. But Otawog Systems has developed the one and only mobile anaesthetic rodent surgical centre.

• Active gas scavenging protects the surgeon
• A unique surgical set up; wound retractors, drapes, instrument trays
• Animal position can be rotated during surgery with no loss of aseptic technique • A customised nose cone for fully scavenged stereotaxic brain surgery
• Unique oxygen recovery tent
• When the surgical centre is folded up and locked away, the suitcase provides secure storage for controlled drugs and surgical instruments

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